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   Src ID   Title, Author 
1 S06819 1900 Census
2 S10 Aaron Stark Family: Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aaron Stark of Groton, CT
Stark, Charles R. 
3 S12291 American Descendants of Henry Luce 1640-1975
McCourt, Mrs. James E. 
4 S12299 American Genealogist, "Captain Thomas Wheeler and Some of His Descendants"
Brainard, Homer Worthington 
5 S12294 American Genealogist, "The Father of the Concord Wheelers"
Jacobus, Donald Lines 
6 S12295 American Genealogist, "The Wheelers of Bedfordshire and New England"
Coddington, John Insley 
7 S07082 American Genealogist, The
8 S09130 Ancestors of American Presidents
New England Historic Genealogical Society 
9 S15305 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700
Weis, Rederick Lewis 
10 S12298 Ancestry of Lorenzo Ackley & his wife Emma Arabella Bosworth
Parke, N.G. & Jacobus, Daniel Lines 
11 S06111 Baker Genealogy
Elwood T. Baker, of Brooklyn, N.Y. 
12 S06070 Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths 1630-1699
Appleton, William S. 
13 S06505 Caldwell Manor & Christie Manor Anglican Church Records
14 S12 Census
15 S06518 Clarenceville Methodist Church Records
16 S07101 Clement Topliff and his Descendants in Boston
Bolton, Ether Stanwood 
17 S5 Colonial Families, of the United States of America
MacKenzie, George Norbury 
18 S06472 Cummings Family 1601-1677
Albert Oren Cummings 
19 S07922 Descendants of George Fowle (1610/11?-1682) of Charlestown, Massachusetts
Fowle, Eugene Chalmers 
20 S12300 Descendants of James Cole of Plymouth
Cole, Ernest Byron 
21 S12288 Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants, Vol. 10, 1743
Jones, George Fenwick 
22 S9 Early Generations of the Founders of Old Dunstable
Stearns, Ezra S. 
23 S12292 Ebenezer Record Book
Voight, D.D., LL.D, A.G. 
24 S06100 English Origins of New England Families
Gary Boyd Roberts 
25 S06559 Estate Inventory Papers of William Bonney
26 S12297 Families of Ancient New Haven, Vol. IV
Jacobus, Donald Lines 
27 S08866 Family of John Savage of Middletown, Conn., 1652
Savage, James Francis 
28 S12301 Field Genealogy
Pierce, Frederick Clifton 
29 S10072 Fletcher Family History, the Descendants of Robert Fletcher of Concord, Mass.
Edward H. Fletcher 
30 S16 Funeral Card
31 S1 GEDCOM Import
32 S05897 Gen. Dict. of The First Settlers of New England, Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May 1692
33 S7 file ""
34 S12296 Genealogical & Family History of the State of Connecticut, Vol. II
Cutter, William Richard 
35 S01855 Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, A
Savage, James 
36 S08858 Genealogical Notes of Some of the First Settlers of Conn. and Mass.
Goodwin, Nathaniel 
37 S05912 Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families
William T. Davis 
38 S05683 Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England
Farmer, John 
39 S06796 Genealogies of Long Island Families
Charles J. Werner 
40 S18 Genealogies of Mayflower Families
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
41 S09356 Genealogy of the Curtiss-Curtis Family of Stratford, CT, A
Curtis, Harlow Dunham 
42 S12293 Genealogy of the lineal descendants of William Wood who settled in Concord, MA in 1638
Holmes, Clay W. 
43 S08980 George MORTON and Some of His Descendants
Allen, John K. 
44 S20 Georgia Salzburger and Allied Families
Gnann, Pearl Rahn 
45 S05801 Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, The
Anderson, Robert Charles 
46 S07693 Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, The
Robert Charles Anderson 
47 S07066 Great Migration, Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, The
48 S06822 Hamlin Family, A Genealogy of Capt. Giles Hamlin of Middletown, Connecticut, 1654-1900, The
Andrews, Hon. H.F 
49 S12289 Heritage of Iredell County, NC Vol. II - 2000, The
The Genealogy Society of Iredell County 
50 S6 Historic Homes & Institutions and Genealogical and Family History of New York
Pelletreau, William S., A.M. 
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